The Good Book Of Temptations

The world is full of temptations. According to the Bible, that’s how the world has been since week one. Today, temptation is more accessible than ever, so it’s hardly surprising that some institutions are trying to regulate how their members use the Internet. Yet exceptions can be made, and in one prominent case, it was a brand that inspired a loophole.

According to a slew of reports originating from, the private, all-girls Beth Rivkah High School in Brooklyn told students that it would soon enforce a rule against using Facebook. According to the report, “Every girl in the 11th grade who possessed a Facebook account – about half the girls in each class – was individually removed from class and given a slip of paper with an ultimatum: delete the account entirely and pay a $100 fine, or face expulsion from the school.”

The main beef (brisket? corned beef?) Beth Rivkah has with Facebook is that using it violates the Jewish code of “tznius,” or “modesty.” The Facebook ban is thus a perfectly rational call on the part of the educators. Social media is generally the antithesis of modesty, as it encourages talking about yourself ad nauseam, while continually monitoring what everyone else is up to.

via MediaPost Publications The Good Book Of Temptations 03/04/2012.

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