Google Campus

London’s claim to being the hub for tech startups in Europe got a boost last week, when Google opened the doors of its latest effort, Google Campus, a seven-story centre for startups, which it has launched in partnership with several existing organizations, and big ambitions to galvanize some of the tech activity that has already marked out London to take it to the next level.

The company is keeping much of its corporate profile at arms length from the project, but ironically, in describing Google’s aims, Campus’ head, Eze Vidra falls back on some of the terminology that has marked out one of Google’s other, massive efforts, Android: the building, he says, is “open source.” And the aim is to do away with some of the “fragmentation” in the London tech scene. Does that, in effect, lay out both the challenges and opportunities that Campus faces going forward?

via Google Campus | TechCrunch.

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