WordPress does it all

That may be a bit of an exaggeration but it has to  be one of the best content management systems, come blogging applications, on the net at the moment. It always exceeds my expections so could it do the same for you?

I was converted a couple of years ago when I needed to provide a website that could be easily updated by a user that did not know anything about how to write a web page. Okay I am biased. The cost of the software is free and is open source so that there are lots of developers out there creating new theme templates and plugins that make life easy. If you have a little more expertise then, you can turn it from a tool just for blogging, into a content management system that has lots of features just like the enterprise versions that you pay thousands of pound for. This is a boon for any small business that wants to get a business on the web.

There are three flavours :

  • Hosted service that you can sign up for
  • Install the software on your own hosting space
  • Multi user version

The Hosted Service

  • It is free and you have a limited number of templates called themes and an equal limited number of plugin (helper applications) to choose from. Ideal if you just want to get something up and are not worried about design and branding.

Install the software on your own sever space

  • Very easy to do and you get two templates and a couple of plugins for good measure. You can change the theme to any number of templates that are available on the web and most of them are free and add as many plugins as you need.

WordPress MUI

  • Unless you have need to allow mutiple users to create blogs then this is probably best left to the corporates. To be fair most of them do not know that they could use this software very successfully to host their websites.

Special Offer

For a limited time only we will set up a blog for you, with analytics (you need to see how many people visit) and set up the 5 most common plugins that you will need to get you started for £30 (for the year) AND that includes a .co.uk domain (subject to availability). All you need to do is find a template you want to use and get blogging.

If you want it as a content management system for a website we can set that up for you too for an extra fee. Contact Tina to find out more

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