AudioBoo is it the next Twitter?

AudioBoo has certainly taken off over the last few months already reaching a million page views since launch.  Celebrates like Stephen Fry have endorsed the British site on Twitter and does regular Boos for his followers. He has even recorded Boo’s on his programme QI along with audience participation and quizzes.

The site is not the most visually stunning site I have seen however it works and there are some interesting and funny clips posted.   Like Twitter it does have some inane posts or “boos” but I guess it is down to what you think is funny or interesting. One post basically says he is sitting watching two and a half men possibly season two. These inane observations can be found on Twitter too so it is up to you to filter what you listen too. The beauty of this site is that you do not need recording equipment , all you need is your phone which is just as well as most of us do not have a sound recording studio to hand.

AudioBoo was partly funded by Channel 4 and launched in March 2009. You can makes  “boos” which are digital recordings of up to five long, which for most of us is long enough (are we going to be known as the Twitter generation?), and they can be published online as a mini-podcast. The AudioBoo website allows users to  do, what they are used to being able to do with such social sites like You Tube  so they can comment, share and follow other users.

The media has used boos, most noteably The Guardian that followed the G20 summit.Further information is available from the link to the Guardian above.

AudioBoo is new talk of the net | Media |

What do you think another “tweet in the sky”?

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