This is great as it holds onto the profile information, so once you set the date you can keep it. It will take you to the same report that you were looking at in a new profile.  It does not hold the information across accounts.

You do need to login to download this application although this may well change.

You will need to login before you can install this add on, using the username and password that you have registered. The add to Firefox should now go green so just go ahead and install.  There should be a box in the top left handside of your screen. Click onto options and reports and check the following boxes:

options for better Google Analytics

Please do not be tempted to check other boxes as these may change the way the page is presented.


These books are my recommendation. The first book written by Brian Clifton is the latest release of his Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics (GA). This is in my opinion required reading for everyone that is using GA. The other two books will help you improve your web pages and should in turn improve the conversions on your site.