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These are some of our websites that we currently host and in most cases we have designed for our customers. we also provide consultancy services for some major blue chip companies in the private and public sector like Hays Recruitment and NHS East London and the City.


Beyond the Yalla Dog – If you are interested in an activity holiday with themed walks and the opportunity to study Italian language art and music, Tuscan cookery, water colour painting or just wander from church to shop to art gallery with a few hot chocolate or Chianti breaks at appropriate intervals.

Rails and Tunnels Limited –  providing engineering, planning and management support for urban, inter-urban and mass transit railways, tunnels and transportation system

Public sector

Recipe for fun – 2012 Host Borough of Tower Hamlets, what better way to celebrate and get into the sporting spirit than to get active and eat more healthily, includes a community cookbook created by children in borough schools.

Charity Websites

Canadian Scholarship Fund – bursary for Canadian students studying in the UK, must be a Canadian citizen to qualify.

Little Brambles Guinea Pig Rescue – A rescue organisation for guinea pigs in the south Devon area.

Holiday Rental

Villa Mooli, Turkey – holiday rental accommodation in Turkey. Ideal for families.


Kenwood Vets, Daventry

Website services

BBT Webmasters Limited – This is the address of my website. We are able to help with web design, hosting and consultancy.

Hobby and craft websites

Chichi Cats – Sphynx and Devon Rex. Brockhall near Daventry.

Royalancer – Tonkinese and Silver British Shorthairs.

Streets Hill Miniatures – the Potting Shed Rodents range of miniatures. Adorable and well worth a look.

Tonktastic –  Tonkinese

Zhuzhy– British Shorthair both self and patterned kittens and occasionally silvers.