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10 useful examples of mouseover effects for ecommerce sites

14 September, 2013 – 9:38 pm | 3,665 views

Mouseover (or hover) effects can be a useful way for sites to convey information quickly when used well, and can aid conversion.
Of course, such things should be tested for effectiveness, but there are some good examples of their use on ecommerce sites.
Here are ten examples, please suggest any other good ones …

10 new wireframing tools to help you create rapid prototypes

14 September, 2013 – 9:35 pm | 5,520 views

A few years ago there were only a handful of wireframing tools available, which I found either too cumbersome or too expensive to bother with.
Nowadays it seems that a new app for creating mockups is launched every week. Some of them are excellent, and a welcome addition to the UX …