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Article Archive for February 2013

Government COO says shared services ‘critical’

12 February, 2013 – 10:32 am | 2,794 views

Government chief operating officer Stephen Kelly has promised that the government will aim to be ahead of schedule against its newly launched plan for ‘next generation shared services.’
Kelly, who is senior responsible owner (SRO) for the shared services programme, told Government Computing that aspirations to enable savings of £400-£600m each …

EU to fight any attempt to curb data protection law

12 February, 2013 – 10:29 am | 6,983 views

Google, Facebook and Microsoft likely to face tougher regulations.
The European Union (EU) is planning to fight against any move to dilute theproposed changes to a EU draft regulation which will force US tech companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft to follow a European standard across the world.
Google, Facebook and Microsoft …